Apogee and HealthCor Form New Partnership
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Apogee and HealthCor Form New Partnership

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Apogee Informatics Corporation, a privately-held healthcare information services provider, and Healthcor, a healthcare business development organization, are joining forces to develop real-time responses to healthcare’s challenges.

Apogee Informatics Corporation

has been working with healthcare professionals for the past 13 years to help transform medical data into actionable information. They have a team of engineers and medical professionals working to provide the healthcare industry with proper insight into their patient, operations, financial and medical data. While HealthCor, specializes in development and distribution of healthcare technology-enabled solutions.

Combining Apogee’s ability to convert EHR and other healthcare IT system data into real-time information with HealthCor’s expertise in healthcare business development will address many healthcare challenges. For example, they will expand their healthcare information network, increase network information volume, and further develop critical healthcare operational, workflow, and financial responses to healthcare’s challenges.

According to the Apogee’s Board Chairman, Dr. David Klubert, “Healthcor is the ideal partner because of its demonstrated ability to reach healthcare decision makers at their highest level and keen business development skills that will help enhance Apogee’s growing product portfolio and enhance Apogee’s expanding national client footprint.  They understand Apogee’s vision for healthcare transformation.”

Apogee and HealthCor will bring real-time, technology-enabled services to the healthcare field. These services will allow providers access to more accurate and relevant information.


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